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GFS Chemicals was founded in 1928 by George Frederick Smith, a practicing analytical chemist who believed in accurate and reliable reporting of specifications. As a result, the Research and Analytical portion of GFS Chemicals has become a vital instrument in supporting industry, academia, and government research from around the world.


GFS Chemicals manufactures and distributes a wide variety of products that aid both manual and automated techniques used for the detection, identification, characterization, and quantification of chemicals. In addition, our customer service and technical team provides critical support in discovery and problem-solving for our customers in many unique situations.

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Product Lines

Acids & Bases
GFS Chemicals manufactures a variety of high purity acids & bases. From trace metal (PPT and PPB) grades to ACS reagent grades and more.
ACS Salts Metal Basis
GFS offers a wide array of ACS salts with in-stock salts in different package sizes ranging from bulk drums to 5G bottles.
Buffers & Volumetric
From traditional pH buffers and volumetric solutions to other common laboratory solutions, GFS Chemicals has what you need for research, analytical and manufacturing laboratories.
Dyes, Stains & Indicators
We offer a broad selection of superior dyes, stains and indicators for numerous applications
GFS Solvents
GFS Chemicals solvents offer exceptional value and superior quality for any lab application.
High Purity PPB Acids
Our Veritas Trace PPB acids are distilled using proprietary methods for the purest acids in North America.
High Purity PPT Acids
Our Veritas Trace PPT acids are distilled using proprietary methods for the purest acids in the North America.
High Purity Salts
Our high-purity salts are used in sample preparation for AA/ICP standards needing to meet exacting requirements that demand accurate results.
Karl Fischer Reagents
GFS manufactures one of the largest selections of Karl Fischer formulations in the market.
Organic Halogen Reagent
Our Organic Halogen Reagent, or Sodium Biphenyl Reagent is known for its extraction of any halide species present in most any organo-halide derivative.
Primary Standards
GFS Chemicals manufactures a long line of primary standards used in water/wastewater, environmental, industrial applications and more.
UV/Vis Standards
In-Spec® UV/Vis spectrophotometric reference standards.
Reference Standards
GFS Chemicals offers many types of liquid reference standards for your laboratory testing needs.
Turbidity Standards
The U.S. EPA recognizes our AMCO Clear turbidity standards as a Primary Standard in the calibration of turbidity meters. These products are traceable to NIST Primary Standards.

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